Wedding Production and Special Effects

Since inception, we have successfully planned some of the biggest entertainment programmes at weddings, receptions, and other events. We do so by helping and developing the timeline and making sure that everything is done according to time. Our setups create right ambiance with lighting, spotlights, dance floor effect, monograms, cloud effects, fireworks and anything that is required to make your event memorable.

Modern Photo Booths

Guests all over the country love our photo booths. They have the ability to engage your guests, regardless of the event you are planning. A photo booth is a must-have for your occasion and we can provide the very best. We have large booths that have the ability to hold a party of 20 people at once inside the booth and we have enough prints for your guests.

Accent lighting and Monograms

Accent Lighting is an awesome way of enhancing the ambiance of your reception and to immerse your guests with an array of colors for your occasion. Regardless of the location you are hosting your occasion, we can provide you with efficient and cheap LED accent lights. Our accent Lighting is available in two different packages. Based on what you need, feel free to have one of these packages to get you sorted out.

Big HD Projector and Screens

Improve the exposure of your event by having it displayed on big screens. These screens vary in
(and of course, price) but we are confident of the desired result regardless of whichever one you choose.

Entertainer and Comedians

We have been privileged to work with a wide variety of entertainers, each of which will be able to effectively fit any event’s needs. You can trust our comedian, magician, face painter, etc to keep everyone smiling and having a god time throughout.

Flower and Decoration

With over successfully catered for over 1000 events and we have been able to gather a list of vendors who will be able to and decorate amazing weddings and other special event themes with beautiful, modern, and sleek ideas that will definitely capture your guests’ attention.